Marcia Moon is an South African Alternative Style Folk Singer. She sings and writes in both Afrikaans (her Mother Tongue) and English. She has released 2 Studio Albums, ”A Gradual Awakening” 2007, and ”Marcia Moon” 2014 and two Electro Folk Singles, in 2017 ”Die Heks van Heksrivier Vallei” en ”Tienduisend Gode”.

From a family of poets, painters, musicians, professors, miners, teachers, butchers and athletes, her experiences and memories would in time be tied together as she found her place in life. Through, limited educational systems, a nomadic lifestyle and a fantastic search for something she lost along the way, she found her equilibrium through escaping to her world of fantasy, through Songwriting.

Marcia has been playing professionally for 16 years. She is an Artist, a Storyteller, and a Traveler. She has an ear for composition, the strange, the magical and bizarre.