Why is Culture Important?

Culture is derived from the French word “colere” which means to tend to the earth and grow, to cultivate to nurture. And that is exactly what culture is. Growing groups of like minded people.

You will find like minded people in one place or space, being it physical, intellectual, or digital. They group together, and the also do the same thing, buy the same thing. Some cultures and hugely popular, others are more niche, some more superficial, some deeply rooted in quality.

People need to belong to something, to feel safe and understood, to be able to predict the actions, thoughts, and humour of others. And this grouping of people creates a very powerful thing, energy, life force, and this means action, ideas, change, or preserving.

We look to other people to plant the seed of culture, people with insight or inspiration, or it is just plain and simple, something that works, that has been passed on through the years.

I love the subcultures. I love the culture of artists, philosophers and free thinkers, the new, the alternative, the different. And I feel that the most powerful way of getting together is physical. Attending gigs, an exhibitions and events, and also creating these opportunities.

People energy, togetherness, has power greater, than most things out there, that we rely on to give us a “lift”. Its spirit, and it exists, even if we cant see it.