Namibië is een van daai lande wat geseën is deur die Gode, en op haar beurt seën sy die mense wat daar gaan toer. En ons het nie gegaan om net te toer nie, maar ook om musiek te speel en footage bymekaar te kry vir musiekvideo’s en plakkate. En dit het die toer meer […]

Why is Culture Important?

Culture is derived from the French word “colere” which means to tend to the earth and grow, to cultivate to nurture. And that is exactly what culture is. Growing groups of like minded people. You will find like minded people in one place or space, being it physical, intellectual, or digital. They group together, and […]

The Ghost in Barrydale

The Rooms My music partner, Adel and I were clever enough to ask more than twice if we can play and stay at the Barrydale Hotel. The owner, Theo is a lover of quality music and gave us a little Karoo haven to rest our travelling guitars and shakers. On arrival we were booked into […]

Fame – The Monkey’s Paw

When I was a little girl I was thrilled by a TV program called ‘’The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.’’ The theme song caught my ear, piercing and fitting (much like the haunting theme song of Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti) and the stories had punch and ghostly shock value. Intellectual horror and suspense at its best. […]

After the Deep Cut

I’ve always had music. To listen to when I was very young and to play, later on in life. No matter what happened or how I felt, I could always turn to my guitar or my song-writing to ease or acknowledge my situation. I have been taking this for granted my whole life up until […]